This article applies to agencies company admins and case workers 

Step 1: Click on + Case

Step 2: Complete Basic Info

  • Client

  • Case Type - Only recoverable case types will show on the Map for RCM Pro users. 

  • Lienholder 

  • VIN 

Note: VIN can be a loan account number or any number that is specific to the case. Entering the collateral VIN will initiate a pop-up for you to complete collateral information. 

Step 3: Complete the Collateral Information form 

Note: When adding a non-vehicle collateral you must add the year in order to add the information.  

Click Add 


Step 5: Complete Borrower information

  • Name

  • Home address home or work or both

  • Zip Code 

Click Add Borrower

Step 6: Fill out Office Location, Employees & Field Agents 

  • Office Loc/Dept.

  • Case Workers 

  • Select Address 

  • Our Field Agent

Click Create Case


Created Case