This article applies to lender admins only 

The Address Management feature allows forwarders to review and edit cases that require attention due to an invalid address.  

Navigate to Settings > Address Management to access this feature

Invalid Address

An invalid address is when there is no Latitude/Longitude for the address in the case.

Blank addresses are typically sent with live LPR hits. To resolve these, please ask your client to include a valid address when the case is assigned. We are also working with forwarders to ensure all cases include valid addresses and/or geocoordinates.

If one of your cases contains an invalid address, you will see a map icon in the top menu bar next to your notification bubbles.

Click the map icon to access the Address Management screen. 

Note: This icon will only appear when you have cases with Invalid Addresses.

To resolve, click the Find Coordinates button when an address is available

The correct map location will display based on the address listed. If the address is missing or entered as N/A, you can either move the map icon or go back and enter the correct address and zip, then click Find Coordinates

Click the Use Location button to accept the new map location.

Once the invalid address has been corrected, click Save Changes.