This article applies to forwarders

Step 1: Navigate and hoover on Entities 

Step 2: Click on Auctions, Transport, or Police

Step 3: Click on the Quick Connect button to add all the Auctions, Transport, or Police Agencies within a 50-mile radius of your coverage areas.

Note: If you don't see the company you want then you can try to search for it in the search bar

Step 4: If searching for a specific entity, and the entity populates on the list, click on the +Add to add to your current list of Auctions, Transport, or Police Agencies  

Entity Action Items 

Step 1: Click the Gear to the right of the company to Edit, Disable or Delete

  • Edit - Gives you the ability to edit properties within that company 
  • Disable - This will take the company out of your active list 
  • Delete - This will delete the company from your list