This article applies to lenders

After logging in, you see navigation menu bubbles in the top right of the page. These are action items, informational items, or notifications.

  • + Case: used to add new cases by the lender, forwarder, or agent.
    Click here to see how to create a case 

  • My Cases: This is the list of the cases assigned to you.
    Click to see my cases

  • Service Provider Maintenance (box truck): this contains service provider related notifications and information such as invoices, pending holds/closes, pending accept/declined cases, new recoveries/completions, messages, and case updates
    Click here for service provider maintenance.

  • Notifications (megaphone): This contains a list of messages or case-related activities. From here you can choose to view and remove, mark as read, archive, or view case.
    Click for more information about the notification page 

  • Invalid Address: This will take you to your current list of invalid addresses for you to fix. For further explanation click Address Management

  • Bubble Counter Refresh: Click this and it will refresh your bubble counters to the left of the blue button. Click Bubble Conter - Refresh button for more information