This article applies to forwarders 

Inactive Service Providers

Inactive service providers are the service providers who are registered and are not participating actively in recovering, this section contains a list of all such service providers 

Navigate to Providers > Inactive Service Providers 

From the populated list, you can click on the gear to Edit, Delete, Enable and View Cases Closed on Deactivation. 

Click on Edit to edit the company details

Click on Enable to remove the current company from the inactive service provider list

Click Delete to delete the company name from the list and everywhere

Click View Cases Closed on Deactivation to see cases closed upon deactivation. 

Service Provider Settings

Service Provider settings are the different settings available to the lender/forwarder companies to set up the services according to requirements.

Forwarder example: 

Under Service Provider Settings, you can review the setting options and can adjust each item by flipping the toggle switch in the ON or OFF position. 

All settings in the Service Provider Adding Assignment Statistics section will default to the ON position.