This article applies to Forwarders

There are two ways to create Fee Requests in RecoveryConnect - 1) Smart Invoicing or 2) Standard Invoicing. 

How do I know if my case has a Smart Invoicing contract or not? Look for the Contract #. You can also click this to see the contract details. The Misc Fees tab will list all fees and identify if pre-approval is required.

Smart Invoicing - Fee Request

Some fees require pre-approval based on the contract you have with your client. For example, a client may require you to get pre-approval for keys prior to creating the invoice. 

Step 1: Open the case for which a fee request needs to be created.

Step 2: On the case details page dashboard, click on the Invoices tab and click on +Add a Pre-Billed Item Now or + Waiting To Be Invoiced under the Waiting To Be Invoiced section.

Step 3: Complete the pop-up form details. 

Add Item: saves this fee request as a draft to your case. This will not send the request to your client.

Fee Request: saves and sends the fee request to your client.  

Step 4: Reviewing statuses as a service provider:

  • Waiting - Not yet submitted to the client. Click the gear > Send Fee Request to submit.

  • Requested (yellow) - Waiting on response from the client.

  • Requested (blue) - Waiting on response from the client.

  • Declined - Fee declined. To submit again, add a new fee.

  • Approved - Approved to add to an invoice.

Other Actions: Click the Gear to the right of the fee request for other options 

  1. Edit Item - will allow you to edit the fee. Edit is only available for Waiting status. You cannot edit an item after it has been submitted. 
  2. Delete Item - Allows you to delete fee request from your view and also take off the client view.
  3. Attach to Invoice - Adds the fee to the invoice.
  4. Send Fee Request - Sends the fee request to the client.

Standard Invoicing - Fee Request

For clients who do not use Smart Invoicing and are still using iRepo to originate cases, Fee Requests can be sent using a case update.

Step 1: Click +Update

Step 2: Change Type to Invoice Request

Step 3: Ensure the client name is checked for them to receive the update. Click Save Public.