This article applies to lender company admins 

When a service provider completes a recovery you as the lender may be required to acknowledge that recovery, prior to the service provider being able to release or transport the vehicle. 

Service Provider New Recoveries / Completes Screen

Step 1: Log into RecoveryConnect and navigate to the Service Provider Case Maintenance screen for New Recoveries / Completions 

Step 2: Click on the box to the left of the case that you wish to acknowledge, or you can click the box in the blue bar to select all of them at the same time.  

Step 3: Click the green Acknowledge Recovery Selected Items button 

Note: Once the green button is clicked then those cases will fall off the list 

Case View Screen

Step 1: From the case view screen, click the Acknowledge Recovery button

Step 2: Click the Acknowledge Recovery button again on the confirmation screen