This article applies to forwarders 

RecoveryConnect's Smarting Invoicing allows you to quickly and easily take action on pending invoices and negotiate fees back to the Service Provider.


Invoice Management

Step 1: Click on the Service Provider Invoices notification bubble

The Unapproved tab lists current open invoices that require action. The action items to choose from are:

  • Green Check -  Approves the invoice

  • Yellow Clock - Pending - additional information is needed from the Service Provider 

  • Purple Pause - Holds the invoice       

  • Red X - Rejects the invoice 

Step 2: Select the appropriate Action for the invoice. 

  • Approved will remove the invoice from the Unapproved list and mark it as approved. If the invoice or line item exceeds the user's approval threshold, the invoice will route to the next level approvers queue. i.e., Supervisor/Manager. Once the invoice is approved by the user with the required approval threshold(s), the invoice will be moved to the History tab. 

  • Pending will send the invoice to Vendor Pending and notifies the Service Provider that more information is needed.  

Note: When the Service Provider edits or corrects the invoice, it will be marked as Pending status under the Vendor Pending tab. 

  • Pause sends the invoice to the Lender Hold tab giving you time to research or investigate.

  • Declined will send the invoice to the History tab and will send a message to the Service Provider. The Service Provider will then have to submit a new invoice for approval.  If declined you can edit and submit as new.

Note: Once a new invoice is issued, it will go back to your Unapproved tab.  When an invoice has been declined you have to create a new invoice because you are not able to re-submit after declined.

The History tab is a list of all invoices and shows the individual Status.