This article applies to agencies 

To the right of the Box Truck, there are notification bubbles that are also quick links to the invoicing section of RecoveryConnect.

1. Service Providers Invoices

The invoice tab is divided into seven different tabs: Auto Approval, Unapproved, Vendor Pending, Lender Hold, Supervisor, Manager, and History.

  • Auto Approval - is the approval of extra fees added by the agent during the recovery, this is possible only if the declared fees are under the rules and limits set by the lender.

When each case is selected, the status and details of the invoice are displayed such as invoice service type, approved fee and manual fee added by agent, authorized by if authorized, and authorization date

  • UnApproved - unapproved is all same as the auto-approved but it contains the list of UnApproved cases for the invoices listed 

  • Vendor Pending - has all same list and actions links, but this is a list of invoices that are kept pending by the Vendor
  • Lender Hold - is also a list of invoices that are under lender hold status, this tab does not have a hold link enabled we have only three actions as approve, pending and Reject
  • Supervisor - is the same as unapproved with a list of all cases which come under the supervisor for approval 
  • Manager - is the same as unapproved with a list of all cases which come under the manager for approval
  • History -  are all invoices that have been turned in to date.

There are 4 action links for cases that keep invoices as approve, pending, hold or reject the invoices

2. Service Providers Fee Requests/ Manage Smart Invoice Fee Requests 

The fee request section is divided into five tabs, Requested, Declined, Approved, Pending and History 

Note: Clicking on the case number or green gears will take you directly to the case.

Requested - are all the fee requests that have been sent out for approval 

Declined - are all the fee requests that have been declined by the forwarder or lender 

Approved - all the fee requests that have been approved by the forwarder or lender 

Pending - are the fee requests that are in a pending status waiting for action 

History - are the fee requests that have been approved by the forwarder or lender 

3. Service Providers Pending Closes and Pending Holds


The Closes & Holds tab displays the list of the cases that are pending close or pending hold.

There is a filter option to select the caseworker.  The filtered results will display the case number, debtor, collateral, city, service provider, client, and days old related to the case.

Clicking the Gear icon, you have the option to view the case, when clicked the case details page will open.

4. Service Providers Pending Accepts and Declined Cases  

This notification displays Accept pending cases sent to you by a lender/forwarder. When selected, the client can view declined cases by service providers.

Sections will appear based on the case's status, for example below are two sections as the Service Provider has pending cases and pending addresses to accept.

Pending cases are cases pending to be closed or approved.  Details displayed are case number, debtor name, collateral, city, service provider name, client name, last updated, and the number of days the case has been pending. Gear icon will hold an option to view the case details screen.

5. Service Providers New Recoveries/Completes 

The new recoveries or completion tab gives detailed information about the new recoveries made and information about new case completions.

You can filter results on this page similar to other tabs, by caseworker's name or team.

New recoveries table you can see details of case no, case tags, debtor, accepted date and completion date, and other details as shown in the figure above.

The new completion table also shows case no, debtor name, and all other parameters as listed above.  Gear icon can be found here again which gives you the option to open the case details page.

6. Service Providers Pending with Messages

Messages are the acceptance message or decline messages for your company's cases.

There are two filters, case worker and status, which will modify the results of the details displayed in the table below.


7. Service Providers/ Agents Case Updates


The case updates tab shows updates regarding a case.

You can filter the updates tab by:

  • Caseworker: to cases assigned to a specific case worker
  • Case update added by: to show update added by a specific or all employees

To clear all case updates in bulk, click Mark All as Viewed

Clicking on View Case & Remove lets you view the update from the case view and will also remove it from this list.