This aricle applies to agencies

To upload a document in VendorConnect, you can upload from the Document Management page or from the Attachments tab within the Service Request. 

Upload Document from the Document Management page

Step 1: Hoover over VendorConnect and click on Document Management

Step 2: Click Upload next to the Service Detail you want to complete 

Step 3: Fill out the upload form to attach the document 

Step 4: Click Save

When the document has been uploaded you will see the status change to Pending 

How to Upload a Document Under the Attachments Tab 

Step 1: Hoover over VendorConnect and click on Work Queue

Step 2: Click on the Service Request you wish to upload a document for

Step 3: Under the Attachments tab click +Document 

Step 4: Click Select Files 

Step 5: When file(s) have been selected, fill out the form and then click Upload Document 

Note: You can put N/A for Document ID if it does not apply.  

Note: If you already have a document attached you will receive a Confirmation Required pop-up. 

Cancel will take you back to the work detail screen 

Yes will open a new work detail to attach the document to

Notice the status change when a new document has been uploaded