This article applies to lender company admins 

Step 1: Navigate to VendorConnect > Service Requests 

Step 2: In the Contracts box, select a current active contract

Step 3: Click Run Filter  

Step 4: Click the +Expand button to open all the Service Requests under that contract 

Note: You can enter more than one Contract in the filter box. All results related to that filter will display below. You can also filter the results further by adding a Company name in the Company filter box. 

Step 5: Locate the company where you would like to add locations to the Service Request and click the Pick Locations button

Step 6: Click on the Available Locations tab

Step 7: Click the locations you would like to add 

Step 8: Click Select when finished

Step 9: Click Close on the confirmation page 

Note: Click on any locations you want to remove and click the Remove button

Note: If a Service provider or the location you are looking for is not found in VendorConnect

Missing Locations for Active RecoveryConnect Agencies 

RecoveryConnect agencies are responsible for managing their address list. If the location is not found in VendorConnect, the agent will need to add the address in RC or update the address type to include Main Office or Storage Location(s).

Agencies not Found in VendorConnect

Please provide RISC with the agency’s details (company name, contact person, contact phone, and contact email), and the location address RISC will work with MBSi to add the agency and location, making it available for selection in VendorConnect.