This article applies to agency field agents, field agent supervisors and field service agents 

The menu bar is located at the bottom of each screen as you navigate through the RCM mobile app.


This button returns you to the main dashboard.



This option displays your mapped cases in either a street line or satellite view depending on your preference. On the map screen, you can search for a case based on keywords or click on the icon to be taken to the individual case to view the case details or complete actions such as view additional details, notate any updates, get directions to the address, or mark the collateral On-Hook. 


The search option directs you to a list view of your open cases. From here, you can search for a specific case based on keywords such as borrower name, address, make/model, etc. 

The Advanced Search option allows you to search all open or closed cases.

You can search for ALL cases assigned to your agency including LPR Live Hits without going into RecoveryConnect to assign an agent or an address.




This option allows you to select and save case filters or Clear All. Click here for additional details about filters.  




This displays the number of notifications you may have for cases assigned to you. Once viewed, you have the option to clear individual notifications or Clear all

The notifications relate to:

  • Case assignments
  • Case updates
  • Collateral information


The settings page displays the current weather and time, the option to switch to night mode, change the default routing option (Google map, iOS map and/or Waze), Configure Case Detailsor Logout.