This article applies to Field Agents and Field Agent Suprvisors 

Step 1:  Click on the "My Addresses" icon from the Landing Page/Dashboard.


Step 2: After clicking on the My Addresses Icon, the user can see all assigned cases on the screen below.

Including the following information on displayed cases:

  • Location
  • Case
  • Open
  • Advanced
  • Case ID
  • Case Type
  • Address
  • Map – Location details


Step 3: Advanced Search will allow you to search and filter assets displayed in the My Addresses screen. works with all key words like case no , make , model year , zip code , borrower , address, VIN number , street name, first name, last  name and also the combined text as shown in example below.

The Advanced Search option allows you to search all open or closed cases.

You can search for ALL cases assigned to your agency including LPR Live Hits without going into RecoveryConnect to assign an agent or an address.

Step 4: Below is a breakdown of case icons:

mceclip0.png If the lock is green, it means the case is either in Open/Waiting for info status

mceclip1.pngThis arrow icon on the right side of the case is for navigation to the address, clicking on it will use the map default to route the user to the location.