This article applies to Field Agents and Field Agent Supervisors

Change Hit Addresses to a Red X

In RCM, you have the ability to view recently run addresses with a red X using the filters.

Address Hit: This is defined as an address update and only applies to updates when you select the address using RecoveryConnect or added an update to the case address using RCM.

Turning On the Address Hit Filter

Step 1: Click the Filters option on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen

Step 2: In the filters list click Create New

Step 3: Scroll down to find Mark Addresses Hit dropdown and make your selection

ExampleIf you select 1 day, the case address(s) on the map run within the last 1 day will change to a red X

Step 4: Scroll back to the top and Save

Step 5: Name your filter and click Update

Step 6: Go back to the map to see the X for all of the addresses that meet your filter criteria

Note: filters apply to your map and the My Addresses list. For this filter, nothing will change in your My Addresses view.