Why is On-Hook required?

To keep the office and the field in sync. The On-Hook step is a foundational feature that keeps the agents in the field in sync with agency office staff, forwarders, and lenders in real-time. This new step in the recovery process will immediately remove the case from the My Mobile Agent mobile app and notify the assigning entity (the direct lender or the forwarder, if applicable) of the pending repossession. The new status is Repossession Pending On-Hook. After On-Hook, the case will appear in the To-do List and agents can change the case status to Repossessed by completing the Asset Recovery form on mobile or web.

Can you add photos that have been uploaded to the case to the Asset Recovery?

Images attached to the case are general and stored within the case itself. These will not be tied to the Asset Recovery at this time. However, if the image is saved on your phone then you will be able to upload it.

How do I manually enter a recovery address in the Asset Recovery form?

The mobile app displays the addresses that are associated with the case. If you recover the asset from a different address, just tap “New Address” and enter the information.

In Asset Recovery, what is the “Recovered date”?

This defaults to the date/time when you are completing the Asset Recovery.

How far back can an agent backdate the recovery?

There is no limit to backdate the recovery. Keep in mind the On-Hook function is timestamped and stored within the Case; this cannot be changed.

Can I make changes to the Asset Recovery after it is submitted?

Yes. Once Asset Recovery photos have been completed and the lender or forwarder accepts the repossession, the Asset Recovery form will be locked.

Example: keys are now available to access the interior.

Can I change my personal property answers after submitting it in the mobile app?

Yes. If the Personal Property form has been completed in the mobile app, changes can be made from the web application until the repossession has been accepted by the assigning entity.

Who creates Quick Updates?

There is a set of default Quick Updates in the system. These can be customized by an Administrator in Settings > Quick Updates.

Can you undo On-Hook?

Yes. The MBSi Support team is available 24/7 and able to reverse the On-Hook action until it is marked as Repossessed through the Asset Recovery form.

How do I mark On-Hook when I’ve lost WiFi/mobile service?

Field Agents will see either a Red or a Yellow On-Hook icon when viewing a case without an active connection to the internet.

  • Yellow On-Hook: This indicates the device being used is offline and there is no access to the internet. When the case is yellow, the agent can mark the case On-Hook because the asset was still eligible for recovery prior to losing service. The risk is that the status can be changed prior to or after marking as On-Hook before restoring service. Keep in mind that the mobile app is constantly refreshing in the background while you’re driving.

  • Red On-Hook: As soon as a case status is changed to Closed or On Hold, it is removed from the map and My Addresses within the mobile app. If the case summary pop-up on the map or the case details is open when the case status changes, the On-Hook icon will change to Red.

  • Example:

    • 3:00 pm internet good, eligible for repo

    • 3:10 pm internet lost, the case is yellow

    • 3:15 pm case is yellow, asset marked On-Hook

    • 3:30 pm internet back, case status is updated

  • Note! The app timestamps all On-Hook actions and this information is stored in Events within the case details in the web application. In the above example, the case would be On-Hook at 3:15 pm.

What cases are being displayed on my map?

Currently, the 100 cases nearest you are displayed based on the case information and/or your assigned zone. As you drive, the cases shown will constantly update in real-time to display the 100 cases nearest to your device. In the event you lose service, the app will display the cases available the last time you had a service.


  • 3:00 pm internet good, you’re driving to your first address to run

  • 3:10 pm internet drops but you are still logged into the app; the app takes a snapshot of the data you currently have, and this is what you will continue to see until the internet is back

How often do I need to log in?

Daily. The app will notify you of inactivity after 2 hours and 45 minutes.

How does the To-Do list work?

After a case is marked On-Hook, it will populate in the To-Do list. The To-Do list is similar to the legacy RC Mobile Incomplete Queue and designed to help your team complete recovery tasks that are pertinent to some cases. Read more about the To-Do List here.

How do I customize my icons?

Users who have access to RCM can customize icons within the web application by hovering over their name, click Settings, click Mobile App Settings. Icons are custom by users at this time. 

My location in the Win App is not correct.

The app will not be able to identify your exact location without enabling Location for Microsoft Edge. There are many factors to troubleshoot On your computer, go to Settings > Privacy > Location and select Microsoft Edge as On. This will ensure the correct location will be displayed within the Windows RCM app.