This article applies to agencies 

After login, you will see a menu bar at the top of the page that provides you with different navigation options within RecoveryConnect. 

  • Home
    • Clicking Home will bring you back to the main home screen regardless of what other page you have navigated to.
  •  Cases 
    • Hover over Cases to see the various options you can navigate to based on what you want to do/see in the system. You can click on any of the options listed to be taken to the cases in that category type. Example: Click on Open to be taken to all your agency's open cases. 

Note: the cases listed in this menu are cases assigned to your agency only.

  • Entities
    • Hover over Entities to see the various entity connection options available. You can manage connections to any of these entities by selecting from the drop-down. 
    • Click on Entities to Search for New Client

Learn more about managing entity connections HERE

  • Agents
    • Hover over Agents to see the statistical information that is available from this menu option.
    • Click on Agents to see detailed information about your field agents


  • My Reports

    • Hover over My Reports to see the available action items from this menu option. Navigate to Prebuilt Reports or Saved Reports from the drop-down

    • Click on My Reports to be taken to the report creation page 

  • Accounting
    • Hover over Accounting to see a list of your Saved Reports 
    • Click on Accounting to be taken to the Accounting Dashboard.

  • Settings
    • Hover over Settings to see the various action items available from this menu option

Search other articles for instructions about the Settings menu options contained in the drop-down.


  • LPR
    • Click on LPR to be taken to a list of your agency's LPR Hits. Filter by New or Archived.