This article applies to lenders 

Smart Invoicing systematically enforces your contracted service fees with your Service Provider(s). This feature within RecoveryConnect provides the ability to manage the invoice workflow, fee requests, and set approval thresholds. To set up Smart Invoicing, please refer to Contract Setup

Upload Contract 

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Smart Invoicing 


Step 2: Click Upload Contract 

Step 3: Click the ? to download the Excel file that will need to be completed. 

Step 3: Complete the Excel file tabs: 

  • Contract
  • Recovery
  • Misc Fee

  • Permission 

Step 4: When the file is complete, click + Add New Contract located under the Upload Contract tab

Step 5: Fill out required fields 

Step 6: Click Save

Note: For invoice maintenance please refer to Smart Invoicing - Invoice Maintenance.