This article applies to lenders  

Smart Invoicing systematically enforces your contracted service fees with your Service Provider(s). This feature within RecoveryConnect provides the ability to:

  • Set contracted service rates for services rendered based on the service type, e.g. involuntary repossession

  • Enforce SLAs

  • Determine pre-approval thresholds for invoices and fee requests 

  • Create an internal approval escalation process

  • Queues invoice and fee requests for quick and easy management

To get started, you will need to set your parameters by completing the contract setup process

Contract Tab

Create your contract name, description, effective date, and version.

Recovery Tab

 Complete the following information:

  • GL Code - Specific to your company's accounting setup

Note: GL Code will not be required if it is not switched on under My Company Profile

  • Lender Fee Name - Free text field referencing the Master Fee based on your internal requirements 

  • Coverage Area - If you have a specific geographical location that you want a specific fee for the storage lot location of the Service Provider (ie., Chicago)

  • Tier - The tiered pricing from MBSi Switch

  • Bill to Debtor - When marked with Y, that specific fee can be billed back to the debtor, means that it can't.  

  • Bill to Debtor Override Per State - Any states entered in this column will NOT be billed to the borrower in those specific states for that specific fee

Misc Fee Tab

Complete the following information:

  • GL Code 

  • Lender Fee Name 

  • Standard Amt/Default Amt - The amount that will pre-populate when the Service Provider invoices the lender/forwarder.  

Note: This is not a threshold and is not a reference to automated pre-approvals or invoicing

  • SLA Enforced -  The number of days the client allows the Service Provider to invoice them based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement) terms. The time starts when the recovery is completed.

Note: SLA date can be entered under My Company Profile  

  • Pre-Approval Required - The Service Provider will have to get approval before invoicing for the items that are checked Y for yes.

  • Bill to Debtor Default 

  • Bill to Debtor Override Per State

  • Lender Fee Name 

  • Pre-Approval Threshold - The threshold amount associated with auto-approval.This is the amount set for the system to automatically approve all fee amounts that meet or are less than the threshold.

  • Pre-Approval Staff - The amount that the staff can pre-approve up to.  

  • Pre-Approval Supervisor - The amount the supervisor can pre-approve up to.

  • Pre-Approval Manager - Any amount larger than what a supervisor can pre-approve.

  • Invoice Approval Threshold - Threshold amount for the entire invoice.

  • Invoice Approval Staff - The amount that the staff can approve up to.

  • Invoice Approval Supervisor - The amount the supervisor can approve up to. 

  • Invoice Approval Manager - Any amount larger than what a supervisor can approve.

    Note: All approvals will go through each step depending on the total. ie, if the manager has to approve an invoice or line item each will still have to go through staff and supervisor approvals as well.

 See Smart Invoicing - Uploading Contract for next steps.