This article applies to lenders

The Notice of Intent (NOI) Tool is the NOI generating tool for the lender based on their selected generation protocols. This article details how to add and edit fees for NOI.

Access the NOI Generation Section from the Company Profile page to manage:

  • Add NOI Additional Fee
  • Edit or Delete NOI Additional Fee
  • NOI PDF Generation Timing
  • Add Notes/Comments

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > My Company Profile

Scroll down to the NOI Generation section in My Company Profile 

Add NOI Additional Fee

Click on the plus sign next to NOI Generation to add an additional fee. 

Fill out the required details in the pop-up box 

Click Save

Edit or Delete NOI Additional Fee by clicking on the gear on the right. 


NOI PDF Generation Timing 

The NOI PDF Generation Timing drop-down box allows you to select when to generate an NOI PDF based on set eligibility.

  • No NOI Generation – select this option to opt out of NOI creation 
  • Recovery – NOI will be generated as soon as the assignment is marked recovered
  • Recovery Invoice Submittal – NOI will be generated as soon as the invoice with the recovery fee is submitted to the lender 
  • Recovery Invoice Approval – NOI will be generated as soon as the lender approves the invoice with the recovery fee


Note: Fees from invoices that do not include the recovery fee will not be included in the NOI even if they are marked billable to debtor. Only fees from the recovery fee-invoice will be included. 

Add Notes/Comments 

You can add Notes/Comments to the NOI file under the comment section 

NOI Generated as Attachment

The NOI is on the lender’s case page by navigating to the Attachments tab. The NOI is not viewable to service providers. 

Click on the gear icon to Download File 

Note : The NOI can be regenerated anytime by clicking on RE-Generate NOI in the upper left of the main case page. If a service provider makes an update to the recovery details (such as the storage location) this will automatically regenerate a new NOI. You may end up with more than one NOI as a result.