This article applies to service providers with clients who use Smart Inovicing 

RecoveryConnect's Smarting Invoicing allows you to quickly and easily submit invoices and fee requests to your clients based on the contracted rates. 

Submitting Invoices

Smart Invoicing uses the rules set by your client based on the agreed-upon contracted rate to automatically generate invoices for some statuses. For example, after the case status changes to Repossessed, you will see an invoice that is automatically created for you on the Invoices tab on the case detail screen. Invoices are not automatically submitted to your client. Follow these steps to submit invoices.

Step 1: View Unsubmitted Invoices. These appear on the Unsubmitted tab on Invoices and show as Unsent-Unpaid when viewing the case details screen.

Option A: Click on Service Provider Invoices bubble > view Unsubmitted tab in the Service Provider View.

Option B: View the invoice status from the Case Details screen.

From the Unsubmitted tab, Click on the Green Action Gears to access the invoice from the case details page. 

Step 2: Submit the invoice by clicking the gear Mark as Submitted to submit this invoice to your client. The status will immediately change to Sent. Please note that some invoices will be automatically approved based on the contract rules put in place by your client. If an invoice is declined, you will need to submit a new invoice. You cannot edit an invoice after it is submitted. 

If the invoice status is Draft, this is not viewable by the client.

Manage Submitted Invoices

You can manage submitted invoices and quickly view which invoices have not been submitted on the Invoices tab. 

Step 1: Click on the Service Provider Invoices bubble

Step 2: Make sure you're in the right view. Some customers act as both a client and a service provider within RecoveryConnect. When managing invoices and fee requests as a service provider, you should see: Unsubmitted, Client Pending, Client Declined, and History.

Note: To toggle views, click "Service Provider View" or "Client View"

Unsubmitted - Draft status. Not submitted to the client.

Client Pending - Changes requested, check the notes from the client and resubmit as needed.

Client Declined - Invoice declined by client. To resend, you will need to create a new invoice.

History - Shows all invoice history.