This article applies to agency company admins, case workers and accountants 

The invoices tab will allow you to create your own invoices to send to the clients/forwarders.

Waiting To Be Invoiced  

Step 1: Navigate to the My Cases tab from the top menu bar. 

Open the case for which a fee request needs to be created.


Step 2: On the Case Details page, click on the Invoices tab and click on +Add a Pre-Billed Item Now under the Waiting To Be Invoiced section.

Step 3: Complete the pop-up form details. 

You have the option to either Add Item (to the dashboard) which will put the fee in Waiting status or send the Fee Request.

Step 4: Click Add item to add fee item to the dashboard (shown below) and then/or click on send fee request.

Note: The agent can also directly click on Fee Request from the form, depending on the item added


Step 1: Click on the + Invoices to add a new invoice 

Step 2: Fill out the form with the Service Items and Expenses 

Note: If you do not have service items to choose from in the dropdown please refer to Set up Service Item Fees and Tax Rates 

Step 3: Click the green + at the end of the row to add the item to your invoice 

Note: If you need to reimburse an employee for expenses you are able to select from the Payable To dropdown 

Step 4: Once items are added you are able to select Create Invoice or Create & Submit to generate the invoice 

 Once the invoice is generated you will see the Printer and see your printing options 

Clicking on the gear icon will give you additional actions that can be taken 

  • View/Edit Invoice - will allow you to make changes to the existing invoice 
  • Add Expenses - will allow you to add expenses to the invoice 
  • Delete Invoice - will just delete the invoice 
  • Apply payment - will allow you to apply a payment to the invoice 
  • Mark as Sent - will send the invoice to the client/forwarder
  • Mark as Submitted - will also send the invoice to the client/forwarder

Once the invoice has been sent to the client/forwarder you will see that the Status changes to Sent - Unpaid and the Approval Date changes to Submitted. 

Note: You will also see the due date depending on when the invoice is submitted


Additional actions once the invoice is submitted:

  • View / Edit / Adjust Invoice - will allow you to make changes 
  • Add Expense - will allow you to add an expense after the invoice has already been submitted 
  • Void - will void the invoice 
  • Apply Payment - will allow you to apply a payment from the client/forwarder
  • Mark as Unsent - will allow you to pull back the invoice from the client/forwarder

Note: The Items column will show any added service items or expenses to your invoice. A cart icon is for service items and the dollar icon is for expenses. 

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