This article applies to agency company admins, case workers and accountants 


Step 1: Click on the + Invoices to add a new invoice 

Step 2: Fill out the form with the Service Items and Expenses that you need payment for

Note: If you do not have Service Items to choose from in the dropdown, please refer to Set up Service Item Fees and Tax Rates 

Step 3: Click the green + on the right to add the item to your invoice 

Note: If you need to reimburse an employee for expenses you are able to select from the Payable To dropdown

Step 4: Once expense items are added, you are able to select Create Invoice or Create & Submit to generate the invoice 

Step 6: When the invoice is generated you will see the Printer and your printing options 

Step 7: Clicking on the Gear will give you additional action options

  • View/Edit Invoice - will allow you to make changes to the existing invoice 
  • Add Expenses - will allow you to add expenses to the invoice 
  • Delete Invoice - will delete the invoice 
  • Apply payment - will allow you to apply a payment to the invoice 
  • Mark as Sent - will send the invoice to the client/forwarder
  • Mark as Submitted - will also send the invoice to the client/forwarder

Step 8: Once the invoice has been sent to the client/forwarder, you will see that the Status changes to Sent - Unpaid and the Approval Date changes to Submitted 

Note: You will also see the due date depending on when the invoice is submitted


More additional actions once the invoice is submitted 

  • View / Edit / Adjust Invoice - will allow you to make changes 
  • Add Expense - will allow you to add an expense after the invoice has already been submitted 
  • Void - will void the invoice 
  • Apply Payment - will allow you to apply a payment from the client/forwarder
  • Mark as Unsent - will allow you to pull back the invoice from the client/forwarder

Note: Under the Items column, you may see a cart icon which indicates that a Service Item was added to the invoice or dollar icon which indicates that an Expense was added to the invoice.