This article applies to lenders, forwarders and agencies 

MBSi has been tracking complaints for years using the Vendor Comply system in our legacy platform. Forwarders and lenders had the ability to enter complaints, and comments, and mark resolutions using this tool. Each complaint was tied to the iRepo assignment ID. With the migration to RecoveryConnect we decided to tie complaints directly to the case and mark it so the lender, forwarder, and/or agency can create a complaint that is visible to all parties involved on the case.  This not only allows the client (either lender or forwarder) to implement RecoveryConnect for complaint tracking allowing full transparency in the complaint process for everyone, but it also centralizes critical information related to the repossession in one place. 

Please see the following articles that detail how to use Complaints and related reporting Via RecoveryConnect

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How to Create a Complaint

How to Respond to a Complaint 

How to Mark a Complaint Resolved