This article applies to field agents and field agent supervisors 

To view the case details of any of your assigned cases, you can do so from the main RCM dashboard from My Addresses. 

Note: you can also access case details from the map by clicking on the pinned icon for the specific case and selecting > Additional Actions (button with three dots) > Case Details

Click on My Addresses


You will get a list view of all of your assigned cases. 

From this screen, you can Search Open Cases or scroll to the desired case. 


Clicking on a case will open the details screen that contains all the information associated with the case. 


  • Address Information - borrowers known address
  • Vehicle information - make, model, VIN, etc of the collateral 
  • Case Information - case number, case type, client, lien, borrower, and last update
  • Additional Addresses if applicable


  • Add notes or updates to the case 

Note: Public updates will show black and private updates are in grey


  • Add any necessary photos to the case

See the article on How to Upload a Photo to a Case

 Case Action Options 

At the top of the case details tab, there are action options represented by icons/images.  

  1. On-Hook
  2. Yield
  3. Favorite
  4. Routing arrow
  5. Lock with number of days


On-Hook Icon 

Clicking on the On-Hook icon will mark the collateral as recovered. This action will move the case to the To-do List, will change the status to Pending Repossession, and will begin the Asset Recovery process. 

Click the link to be taken to the How to Complete an Asset Recovery article. 

Yield Icon 

Clicking the yield icon will allow you to mark an address as invalid. If selected, you must provide a reason by selecting from the options provided before hitting the Submit button. 

  • new resident
  • empty house
  • vacant 
  • other

Favorite Icon

Clicking on the favorites icon marks a case address as a favorite and will also display it as a favorite on the map.

Routing Arrow Icon

Clicking on the routing arrow icon will initiate the navigation app for direction to the address listed.

Lock with Number of Days Icon

This indicates the case status and number of days since the case was created.